The Crew

Meet the pets that are the reason behind Aunt Kerry's Pet Stop:

Leo Bradley

Leo is the top dog at Aunt Kerry's. He serves as a welcome greeter (prepare to get Boxer kisses if Leo is in the shop), official toy toughness tester and of course, food tester.

Ted Bradley

ted 2010

Ted is the newest member to the staff and Leo's little brother. Ted was adopted from Rescue Animals Community Effort. He loves to assist testing the new toys and treat with Leo as he is learning the ropes.

Jake Greenberg

Jake is Aunt Kerry's resident fashion consultant and tennis ball fetcher.


Levi is a rescued pug terrier mix. Levi can be pretty lazy and doesn't like to get up in the mornings. He tries out the newest weight control treats and raw diets to help control his weight.

Mr. Maxx

Mr. Maxx was rescued from a kill shelter in Pender County on his 7th birthday. Maxx loves to socalize with other dogs and is a great example of why we promote rescuing older dogs!

Donatella Versquishy

Donatella is a rescue kitty from South Carolina. She has taken to sunbathing, fashion and accessories with Jake Greenberg.

Himm Kitty

Himm Kitty was a flame point Siamese found as a stray in Monkey Junction. Himm Kitty has quickly adapted to his new good life in his forever home.


Brody was a local rescue adopted at 3 months old. He came with a few behavioral issues after spending much of his young life abandoned. He has taught his human how to keep out of trouble by staying busy with big bones, toys and interactive games.